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Huangsheng Hotel Guangzhou

Huangsheng Hotel Guangzhou is subordinate to Guangdong Changhai Investment Management Co., Ltd., located at 621-627, Xicha Road, with prosperous business. The Hotel integrates guest rooms, catering, foot bathing, chess and card playing and meeting. It has more than 100 luxury guest rooms of various types. Air conditioning is open day and night. Telephone, LCD TV, computer, refrigerator, safe and other supporting facilities are perfect. The decoration is luxurious and exquisite. The equipment is advanced. It has high-speed broadband network system, intelligent electronic security system and computerized management.
Guests first ? 'Service first' is the service tenet of the hotel, the development and progress of the hotel can not do without your support and help! No matter where you are, we wish you happiness!
It welcomes you and looks forward to your visit!

Breakfast price: Ask the front desk for details.
Breakfast type: A la carte


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Huangsheng Hotel Guangzhou
Tel: +86-20-61119666
Add.: 27 Guangyuan West Road, near Wang Shengtang